How To Find Your Perfect Study Space

Hi gorgeous readers!

So, you’re ready to study. You’ve got your stationery, your textbooks and the mindset to go with it. You’re ready to knuckle down and work, but for some reason when you start, you just can’t get into it; your focus is anywhere but on your work and nothing is getting done. Never fear – this might have a simple solution.
Your problem might be that you are studying in the wrong space, so in this post I am going to explore some common study spaces, the pros and cons of each and hopefully resolve your study block (okay, maybe not, but I’ll give it a damn good try.)

1. Library/Bookshop

Whether you go to your public library, or your school/college library, you are likely to find yourself in a silent, study focused atmosphere with plentiful resources available. Usually they offer a variety of spaces, such as individual desks, group study tables or armchairs so you can adapt to your preference.
One downfall of libraries, particularly school ones, is there can be enforcement for them totally silent. Some people way thrive on this, but for many, complete silence can be a form of distraction in itself.

2. Café

Your local café covers loads of bases of your study needs: background noise that will be the perfect balance of white noise that’s not too distracting and a peaceful location that will stop you giving up from boredom. Having drinks and snacks at your disposal is a definite bonus!

On the other hand, it’s easy to get distracted, with the social environment and free wifi access. Only study here if you’re confident that you won’t be distracted by company!

3. Bedroom

Your bedroom is comfortable, convenient, and doesn’t require you to move far from your bed (a definite bonus). The familiar environment will help you stay relaxed, so stress won’t overwhelm your focus. Additionally, you are (nearly) completely in control of the background noise – whether you choose silence or music is up to you (but be wary of music with lyrics)

However. You might be comfy, but you’re teetering on the edge of a procrastination trap; it’s all to easy to grab your phone, or your TV, or console and immediately revision will be a thing of the past.

4. Kitchen/Dining Room

With lots of natural light and a (generally) large table for you to spread out your work, your kitchen or dining room is an excellent place to study. The only downfall you might experience is if there are other people in the room with you, but if you can agree to have the room to yourself while you revise, this might be the best place for boosting focus and productivity!

5. Classroom

If your school allows you to use empty classrooms while they aren’t in use, take advantage of it. The school environment subconsciously prepares you to study as your brain associates school with working. Additionally, you may find teachers will be available to help you 1-on-1 for topics you are struggling with, which you might not be able to understand without that support.
So when you’re choosing your perfect study space, these are the things to keep in mind:

  • Where will you be most comfortable?
  • Where will you focus the best?
  • Where has the best atmosphere for your preferences?

Thanks for reading! Study hard and look after yourself as exam season gets closer.


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