Study with Me: 10th April 2018

Hi gorgeous reader!

Study with Me: April 10th 2018

I started off my today by waking up at 10am and making myself breakfast. I always try to make sure I have breakfast because without it my focus will fall much faster than it should.


The first part of my inorganic chemistry homework was to go through the whole of chapter 4 in the CGP notebook and answer all exam questions. I started this yesterday, so this only took me about an hour to finish! All together it came to 6 sides of work.


Next I completed the second part of my inorganic chemistry homework. For anyone who doesn’t do chemistry at A-level in the UK, alongside the chemistry specification we have to complete a practical endorsement to show competency with chemicals and such. For the assessment I was writing up today, we had to identify 5 unknown compounds using a series of tests for ions and flame tests.


In the assessment I wrote down all my observations of each experiment and today and used those observations to work out what the test was meant to be and identify each compound. I used the CGP textbook to help me with this and eventually managed to work them all out!


I took a break from homework and moved to blogging. I took some time to make final edits to my blog post Ways to Study and finally posted that! Admittedly, I was (and still am) a little nervous about the feedback I will get, but I’m positive you will all be kind and constructive!

After I was sure it was all correctly published, I promoted the blog on my instagram.


I took a break for lunch and spent a bit of time going through other wordpress blogs and leaving comments for others. We are all here to share and network, after all!

Side note: if you would like me to check out your blog, link me your latest post in my comments and I will check it out and leave a like!


I went on my laptop after lunch to make a new set of Quizlet cards – a small set on AS Biology Chapter 1 section 2, nucleic acids! After I was happy with them I spent a little bit of time revising them using the test feature on Quizlet.




Most of my homework for the Easter holiday is already done, but I still have one piece left which is a Maths statistics and mechanics test – one of the subjects I struggle most with. Because I know I find it so hard, I took my time with the questions I did, going over the theory behind it, which meant I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but I was confident with the work I had done!

At 4:00 I was starting to get a tired and I could feel my focus slipping more and more, so I decided to give myself a (guilt free) rest from studying. My theory is that if you force yourself to continue working when you know you’re pushing yourself too far, then you will burn yourself done and end up being less productive than you would have been with a break!


I took time before dinner to go over my Quizlet Biology sets for chapter 1, which is mainly coming on well. Most of my revision for the next few weeks will be Biology based, as the only external AS exam I am doing is in Biology; the chemistry and maths tests I am sitting will be internally marked so are less important.


After eating I continued with my maths paper so that the whole of the statistics section was completed. Because I still wasn’t confident, I went through the relevant pages in my textbook to refresh myself, but I really need to make some notes on them (a task for another day!).


I wrapped up my study day by making more textbook notes on biological molecules. In all honesty, I’m worried that I’m behind on where I should be so that I can have the whole AS course covered by my exam, so I’ve planned to schedule more Biology sessions, particularly in my free periods once I’m back at school!


On that note, would you guys be interested in seeing a post on how to efficiently use your school free periods? I’ve gathered a few tips of my own (and had plenty of unproductive free periods too) that I feel could benefit others!

That was all for today’s study session! Personally I felt it was quite productive despite taking quite a long break in the middle, but it was also necessary otherwise I doubt I would have had the energy to come back and continue working after dinner.

What did you guys think of my first Study with Me? Leave your suggestions down below and let me know!


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